Tools and software.

ExPASy Molecular Biology Server – databases,tools and software,links

DoPrimer – useful tool to design primers

DNA Primer Melt Calculator V2.01 - A handy calculator of PCR primers for DNA Transformation.


Technical information

Applications on-line – protocols,methods

Invitrogen – journal FOCUS, technical tips, transfection collection

Molecular dynamics – technical manuals about fluorescent methods including westerns (ECL)

Molecular biology protocols – sea of protocols and references


Handbook information

Serva Electrophoresisinformation about chemicals and enzymes, Protease inhibitors Application table, Table of Antibiotics in Mammalian Cell Culture, Inhibitors of Cell Membrane Functions, Enzyme Inhibitors, Inhibitors of Protein Synthesis, Good Buffers (pKs are shown) and many more.

Practical Molecular Biology – Protocols, Calculations! (Sequence Utilities:6 Frame Translation;Search of rare codons in nucleotide sequence. Spectrophotometric measurement of nucleic acids concentration. Conversion: speed of rotation [krpm] - Relative Centrifuge Force [kg]. Estimation of time for bacteria growth. Conversion: radioactivity - biological amount of dNTP's. Conversion: weight - moles (for proteins). Conversion: weight - moles (for nucleic acids). Conversion: DNA - protein. Conversion: molar quantity - molar concentration. Conversion: units of measurement).

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